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Dear L3 Students

I would like you to watch the following two lectures on or by Edward Said. Both videos are produced by the Media Education Foundation. The first is a digest of Edward Said’s contribution to postcolonial studies with his seminal theory on Orientalism, and contains an interview with E. Said:

The second is a lecture given by Edward Said at the University of Amherst, Massachussets, on “The Myth of the Clash of Civilizations.”

Finally, here below is a short excerpt from his book, Orientalism, which has been reproduced in the second Ediction of the Post-Colonial Studies Reader, edited by Bill Aschroft et al. The underlining and highlighting are mine.

Edward Said Orientalism

These documents should echo much of what we have talked about and will talk about throughout this course. I thought bringing in videos might be a nice change in materials used for this course. Hopefully, you will find it stimulating.

Looking forward to our class on Friday ,



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