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Bénédicte Meillon has taught:

  • British Literature (19th century novels: Great Expectatations, by Charles Dickens, Persuasion, by Jane Austen, Villette, by Charlotte Brontë example thesis statement on bullying, and Wuthering Heights, by Emily Brontë),
  • American Literature (Homeland and Other Stories, by Barbara Kingsolver, A Lost Lady, by Willa Cather, Ethan Frome, by Edith Wharton, The Great Gatsby, by Francis Scott Fitzgerald; 19th century romanticism and transcendentalism)
  • The Short Story in English
  • Translation from French into English and English into French
  • American Civilization
  • Oral expression and listening comprehension
  • Scientific and academic English
  • ESP theory and translation
  • Writing in English
  • Linguistics and Phonology
  • Business English
  • Professional English: Telephoning in English, CV and cover letters, Map Description and Information Exchange Activities; Roleplays.
  • General English//English as a Second Language (ESL/LANSAD): Movies and Short Stories, Contemporary issues, Cartoons and Debates; Science and New Technologies; International Cinema in English; Aviation in Literature and the Arts.
  • Aeronautical English: airports, aircraft types and airplane parts, flight controls and aerodynamics, safety and security, meteorology, air traffic control and management, aviation-related Jobs, accidents and incidents, aviation culture, live traffic: Pilot-Controller Diologues etc.
  • SPA: Suivi Personnalisé en Anglais (Formation Continue): Tutoring and assistance with English as professional training for teachers and researchers at the ENAC.
Teaching Material:

Worksheet for literature classes: How To Analyze a Text and Prepare a Commentary

General English Textbook for ENAC Internal Use Only (Masters 2 ICNA: Ingénieurs de Controle et de la Navigation Aérienne): Coursebooks for teachers and for students.

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