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L3 Thème: lonely chess player

Dear L3 Students, Thank you for your class participation yesterday. Please find here below my suggestions to translate the excerpt from Katherine Pancol’s Les yeux jaunes de Crocodiles: theme-les-yeux-jaunes I strongly recommend reading this trilogy by the way for those of you interested in reading French novels that are both fun and written in very beautiful […]

L3 Thème Sounds and Noises

Dear L3 Students, For those of you who didn’t get the handout, here is the vocab to study and use in your translations when dealing with the noises and sounds people and things make: Sounds and noises people and things make Looking forward to seeing you on Friday, BM      

L2 and L3 Translation Classes

Dear L2 and L3 Students, Welcome back! Please find here below a worksheet to help you revise the translation processes studies in the first year, and which you must be able to recognize, define, and use: Les procédés de traduction Also, going with the first, descriptive text we are translating, revise vocabulary dealing with physical […]

L3 thème, Vocabulary: Clothes and appearance

Dear L3 Students, Here is some vocabulary to revise dealing with character portraits and physical appearance: Clothes and appearance Best wishes for the holidays, BM      

L3 Thème: “Vents” de Michel Serres

Dear L3 Students, Please find here below My suggestions for the translation of the excerpt from La Petite communiste qui ne souriait jamais, by Lola Lafon: Thème La Petite Communiste She’s perfect The text to translate for our next class together on Friday, paying special attention to the lexical field of noises and sounds (to revise […]

L2 and L3 Translation

Dear L2 and L3 students, Should you need to revise the translation processes seen in L1 and which we will constantly refer to in L2 and L3, here is a recap on the subject: Les procédés de traduction If you have lost the bibliography and advice for self-study from last year, or are new to […]

L1, L2, L3

Dear future L1, L2 or L3 Students, Please find here attached the syllabi and descriptions for the undergraduate courses I will be teaching at the UPVD next year: Tableaux cours 2015-16 Make sure you read all novels on the syllabus BEFORE classes start, Best, BM