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L3 Postcolonial Studies

Dear L3 Students, Please find here below a link to a PDF version of Salmon Rushdie’s essay “Imaginary Homelands.” Here too is a link to the video of a Harvard lecture by Edward Said on “The Myth of the Class of Civilization” from U-tube. I hope you find these documents of interest in the […]

L3 Postcolonial Studies: Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony

Dear L3 Students Please find here below a few links to online material that should be helpful to understand the symbolism at the heart of Silko’s mythopeoic writing in Ceremony. First, a nicely structured and detailed outline of the progression of the narrative in Ceremony, that includes links to interviews with Silko and other interesting sources for […]

L3 Postcolonial studies

Dear L3 Students I would like you to watch the following two lectures on or by Edward Said. Both videos are produced by the Media Education Foundation. The first is a digest of Edward Said’s contribution to postcolonial studies with his seminal theory on Orientalism, and contains an interview with E. Said: The second […]