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L2 Version

Dear L2 Students, Please find here below the text to translate for our next class together: text-blue-angel Wishing you a nice weekend, BM

L2 and L3 Translation Classes

Dear L2 and L3 Students, Welcome back! Please find here below a worksheet to help you revise the translation processes studies in the first year, and which you must be able to recognize, define, and use: Les procédés de traduction Also, going with the first, descriptive text we are translating, revise vocabulary dealing with physical […]

L2 Thème

Dear L2 Students, Please find here below the vocabulary to revise about country  names, languages and nationalities. Make sure you use the audio files from online dictionaries to work on the correct pronunciation. Countries and nationalities Best BM

L2 and L3 Translation

Dear L2 and L3 students, Should you need to revise the translation processes seen in L1 and which we will constantly refer to in L2 and L3, here is a recap on the subject: Les procédés de traduction If you have lost the bibliography and advice for self-study from last year, or are new to […]