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M1 Core Module

Dear M1 Students,

Here below is a link to the full transcript of Michael Burrawoy’s class, and, following, the written version fo this course, by L. Behbehanian and M. Burawoy. The full transcription should help you correct the fill-in-the-gap exercise in your booklets. In the written version of the course, also included in your booklets, you will see that I have underlined useful phrases and expressions which you could reuse when presenting your own research on any topic. Try to start working on a list of useful expressions and connectors which you can refer to later as you must write or present your work in English. Also, it should be interesting to compare the quality of the language used in the oral lecture with the written version, in terms of registers, tones and styles.

Transcripts of Online Courses

Global Sociology Seminar presentation

Looking forward to our next class together on Monday,





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